Expect The Best


K2 Media is a North Florida based Aerial Media & Mobile Entertainment company striving to exceed customer's expectations 100% of the time. Originally started in 2012 as a hobby, rapid growth and extensive potential were quickly realized leading to a career change and a continually-evolving range of services. We DJ'd 70+ Weddings & Events during 2015 and have continued that momentum into 2016 as a premier choice for clients looking at Quality of Service in addition to Professionalism. We are proud to have one of the area's top Lighting rigs among mobile entertainers.

As technology and regulations allow, Aerial Media has become a major facet of the business. Breaking News, Real Estate & Construction are a few of the main industries that have capitalized on our area of expertise but we are excited to continue offering creative solutions for other corporate clients. From Central FL into the Carolinas and beyond, we are eager to provide a unique and superior vantage point from our small fleet of UAVs (drones).