As one of North Florida's first (and very few) FAA licensed & fully insured commercial drone pilots, we take pride operating in full compliance with legal regulations.

You can see our work just about daily on First Coast News in Jacksonville, FL--The NBC & ABC local affiliates. Additionally, many local corporations and real estate agents choose K2 Media for all of their Aerial needs. 


There is simply no better way to introduce prospective buyers to a listing than to provide a video showcasing unique location or features. In a world driven by online research, top agents choose K2 Media to help showcase their properties and generate immediate interest.

We offer several real estate packages ranging from Photos-Only to full-scale Lifestyle videos. Our most popular package is a hybrid aerial/interior video that features both drone footage as well as an ultra-stable interior walk-through using our 3 axis gimbals. Please refer to the videos below for a few samples from recent shoots.

Construction Progress

An aerial perspective can provide invaluable information for site foremen. Progress Reporting, Safety Checks & Liability Backup are just a few of the advantages that we can provide your business. Continual industry evolvement and equipment break-throughs provide for nearly limitless potential within the Construction realm. Our UAVs (drones) have an operating distance of roughly 2 miles allowing for extensive linear coverage when needed. Contact Us for a site specific demo and quote today!